Staar Home

Staar Home is a home decor that brings Post Modern, elegant, and handmade decor into homes.
Founded in 2023 by Setareh Eskandari. You can follow Staar Home page "Home_Decor_By_Star" on instagram.


My texture art exudes a profound emotional resonance, capturing the essence of untold stories and unspoken emotions. Each textured stroke on the canvas whispers a tale of passion, vulnerability, and resilience. It speaks to the depths of the human spirit, evoking a sense of wonder and introspection. My art invite you to journey within us, to explore the intricacies of our own emotions, and to find solace in the textured beauty that lies before us. It is a testament to the power of art to touch our souls and ignite a flicker of profound understanding.

Multimedia collage


Arts From My Heart 

Handcrafted Home decor

In the realm of metal handcrafted home decor, artistry takes on a bold and captivating form. The skilled hands of artisans shape molten metal into stunning sculptures and intricate designs that breathe life into your living space. Each piece becomes a testament to the harmonious fusion of strength and delicacy, as metal is meticulously forged and manipulated into captivating forms. The interplay of light and shadow dancing upon the metallic surfaces creates a mesmerizing visual symphony that evokes a sense of awe and wonder. Metal handcrafted home decor embodies the marriage of art and functionality, transforming your space into a gallery of extraordinary craftsmanship. With every glance, you're transported into a realm where creativity knows no bounds, where the metallic artistry leaves an indelible mark on your soul.

  • Handcrafted Bowl

    A metal handcrafted bowl with stand is an exquisite masterpiece, blending form and function in perfect harmony. The meticulously crafted bowl, resting on a sturdy stand, showcases the captivating beauty of metalwork, elevating any space with its elegant presence.

  • Texture Art

    Texture art mesmerizes with its tactile allure, inviting us to explore a world of raised patterns and intricate surfaces. It breathes life into two-dimensional canvases, captivating our senses and igniting a deep appreciation for the richness and depth it adds to artistic expression.

  • Metal Sculpture Decor

    Metal sculpture decoration radiates a potent energy, commanding attention and stirring the depths of our emotions with its raw power and artistry. The melding of metal into captivating forms captures the essence of passion and resilience, leaving an indelible mark on our souls.